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Arthur J. Hurley Sr.About Us

The Arthur J. Hurley Company, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts is a family owned and operated distributor of electrical wire and cable and related products. It serves the electrical industry primarily in the New England states. With a fleet of heavy duty trucks, a production floor of rewind line machines and the largest inventory of cable in New England, the Hurley Company strives to fulfill the four principles of good business. Laid down years ago by its founder, Arthur Hurley, they are; know your product, provide the best possible customer service, earn the business with hard work, and show respect and integrity to everyone.

About the founder

Starting the business in 1929 at 275 Congress Street in downtown Boston, Arthur Hurley was originally a distributor for Collyer Insulated Wire of Lincoln, RI, evolving into a manufacturers representative. However, it was a representative with a difference, mainly warehouse stock, which has long set the Hurley Company apart from competitors. Having stock on hand in Boston and being ready to serve its loyal customers at a moments notice has made the Hurley name a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive world of wire and cable.

The early days of the company were lean, hard times, but Arthur Hurley Senior built up the


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company, working hand in hand with local electric power companies as they expanded power distribution throughout the 1930's.   Arthur was known as one of the most knowledgeable and hardest working men in his field by colleagues and competitors alike. As the industry grew and opportunities presented themselves, the Hurley Company responded to the challenges with sales and service. Along the way, new customers were nurtured and credit was extended to help the industry grow and thrive. The long-term relationships that started when the industry was young have since grown and changed with the times. The guiding principles have served the firm well.

At the end of World War II, after service in the U.S. Army, Arthur J . Hurley Jr. joined his father full time at the enterprise. He helped guide the small yet growing company through an exciting and increasingly demanding period. The expansion of electric utilities and the growth of power generation and consumption soared beyond all previous expectations.

Consistently maintaining a large warehouse stock in Boston meant ease of access for the local growing supply houses as well as rapid shipment to far away sites in northern and western New England. As technological developments made cable easier to install and helped fuel the growth of the industry, the expertise derived from their exclusive focus on wire and cable served the Hurleys and their customers well.

Incorporated in 1960, Arthur J.Hurley Company moved its operations to 97 Heath Street in the Jamaica Plain section of Boston, increasing the amount of space with which to store the ever-increasing varieties of cable.

Hurley Today

The founder's grandson, Arthur J. Hurley III joined the company in 1974 and was instrumental in the expansion of the business to its current capacity. He developed contacts throughout the cable manufacturing industry to further expand the range of items in stock in Boston. As the primary focus of utility cable was developed, a wider selection of products has been introduced to better serve the needs of the customer. In addition, Arthur III oversaw the expansion of the work force adding additional machines and purposefully built a fleet of trucks so as to better serve the needs of an increasingly demanding customer base. During the 1980’s three more of Arthur JR.’s children joined the growing enterprise.  Drew and Lara Hurley built up the sales force and Matthew Hurley oversaw logistics, managing all warehouse and shipping operations.

Many of the electrical distributors and contractors in New England rely on Hurley's warehouse stock to provide them with quick competitively priced solutions to their cable needs. New technology make specifications ever more exacting and precise. No small amount of time is spent by the Hurley sales force educating its customers as new products and engineering requirements dictate the need to remain on the cutting edge of cable technology.

Through the building boom of the 1980's, the Hurley Company outgrew the facility at Heath Street. Bursting at the seams with inventory there were times when merely closing the doors at night became difficult.

On March 7, 1989, Founders Day, Arthur J. Hurley Company, Inc. relocated its headquarters office and warehouse to 2500 Washington Street, located in Dudley Square neighborhood of Boston. In 2001, additional warehouse space was purchased in the Readville and Roxbury sections of Boston, more than tripling the inventory space and adding more room for future expansion.   In September, 2015. Hurley opened a new distribution center in East Hartford, Connecticut to better serve their growing customer base in Southern New England. This 52,000 square foot facility offers the complete range of wire and cable products for immediate delivery across the region.

With the passing of Arthur J. Hurley III in April, 2016, the company continues its long tradition of family leadership as Arthur’s brother Matthew became the latest member of the family to assume the role of CEO and President.  He continues to build and expand the company to meet the demands of an ever evolving marketplace and make Hurley the hub of the New England wire world. It is here a dedicated work force energetically meets the daily challenges of today, tomorrow and the future.


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